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The most personal entrance in the world

Pirnar Ultimum Pure with OneTouch system is an awarded world innovation. This bespoke and handcrafted entrance is the first in the world that cannot be manipulated by anybody except by people with permission. For all others the door handle is invisible.

Pirnar OneTouch

As an aesthetic and technical masterpiece, it has been honored with two awards at the German Design Awards 2017.

GIA 2019 Winner   GDA 2019 Winner   GDA 2019 Special   GDA 2017 Winner   GDA 2017 Special

Red Dot Award 2019   Architizer A+ Awards finalist 2017

Innovation for maximum comfort.

As the hidden fingerprint reader recognizes the right person, a handle deploys neatly and automatically and illuminates the surrounding area while the door unlocks itself. After a while, OneTouch turns back into a refined surface with no handle and the door locks.

Fascinating entrance, safer home.

When closed, Pirnar OneTouch offers beautifully refined and flat surface with no handle. That way it is impossible for uninvited guests to manipulate the entry in any way. It is clear from a distance that the door is locked and the home safe.

Entirely independent of the power supply, a special mechanism is in place to ensure that the handle retracts automatically without ever trapping fingers.

OneTouch shows who you are.

Pirnar OneTouch is the pioneer in a new generation of smart entrances that greet their owners. This is an ideal entrance for modern, intelligent homes and offices. For people who want to take a step into the future.

Touch it.

To see a photograph of Pirnar OneTouch entrance is to be feel inspired. However, it will not prepare you for the real surprise, when you test this masterpiece with your own hands.

Showroom experience

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