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How to choose luxury entrance door

First: It is about you.

An entrance is a personal part of your house. It is a story about you. Whether or not you are aware of it, a visitor will judge you and your house based on the entrance. Therefore, it is worth considering the first impression we want to create.

It is also an investment.

A luxury home entrance is something every visitor will notice – including real estate agencies, investors and homebuyers. If you want to raise the value of your house significantly without investing too much, luxury entry doors are a perfect and relatively small investment with a huge impact on buyer's perception of house value.

Contemporary or traditional style?

That not only depends on your taste but also on the appearance of the house. An ornamental classical door with a framed glasswork would certainly look better at an older house with stone details than on a modern one. If you cannot decide, which style would best emphasise the beauty of your house, take a photo of the house from the entrance side and bring it to the showroom.

Choose a model

Aluminium, wood, or both?

Do you prefer a strong and solid image of aluminium? On the other hand, would you rather touch the warm and refined surface of wood? What about a combination of both? When it comes to Pirnar luxury exterior doors, anything is possible.

A door with or without a window?

A door window is an element that not only brightens an entrance hall with daylight but is also an amazing and valuable design element for luxury entry doors. On the other hand, some people prefer the impression of firmness and safety of a door without a window. What about you?

An entrance with or without illumination?

The space in front of the exterior door can be magically illuminated with built-in LED illumination. This way we will create an impression of a larger and more magnificent entrance. Not to mention much more comfortable entering at night.

Do you want to be visible or discreet?

It is good to know if you want to astound your visitors and to amaze them with your uniqueness, or just let them slowly build up the admiration. In the first case, you would look for a unique design and technical characteristics that will grab their attention (the Pure, Multilevel and Classico collection). In the second case, you will look for an entrance with soothing shapes and not too much emphasis, in different materials or colours (the Premium collection).

Choose the right Pirnar

After you have considered these questions, come and see the choice of luxury exterior doors for yourself in our showroom. There you can finally imagine your new house look.

Choose a model

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